Saturday 24 August 2013

Jitensha dai and jet lag

Jitensha dai and jet lag.

I woke up with the day light, 5ish in the morning, while Richard was still asleep, to kill time went to hotel public baths, what a great experience! They had a hot tub with a very big window overlooking Sapporo skylight, and an area for common showers, where you have a mirror and shower seating in a small plastic stool.

After a slow start, went for breackfast and stroll along Sapporo.
We (Richard) assembled the bicycles and got them ready for the journey.

In zombie mode we visited a few Sapporo landmarks, such as the Clock tower and the Tanukikoji shopping arcade, with all sort of shops such as kimonos, musical instruments, restaurant, etc. and Odori park.

Had traditional Genjiscan (lamb - BBQ) and went to sleep early to be ready for the next day ahead. Sapporo looks better at night.

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