Friday, 30 August 2013

Day 6- Hirosaki to Ajigasawa

After a quick dip on the Onsen bath and a traditional Japanese breakfast, sad to leave Ishibura Ryokan.
Soichiro was extremely helpful, he treated us to a welcome drink and drove us to the restaurant the night we arrive (his radio was playing Rosario Flores!). In the morning after breackfast and greetings, we left. Soichiri drew the route in a map and marked all the landmarks on the way to our destination and they given us a good bye gift. A lovely book that becomes a scarf. What a treat! Thanks again Ishiba Soichiro.

We left Hirosaki direction to the coast, stoping in Iwaki Shrine, after a visit to the shrine to refill our water bottles with sacred water we were on the way.
We circle along apples orchards with mount ... On our right.

After quite a thought up and down journey we stop in Ajigasawa, our first unscheduled stop. We found a lovely Ryokan next to the town Onsen where we has the most incredible of at least 20 courses!

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