Monday 2 September 2013

Day 9- Akita to Yokote

We left our favourite hotel chain Toyako inn with the intention to cycle to Yakote, after cycling in the rain for an hour in a heavy traffic motorway, we got completely soaked and it did not look like the weather was going to improve so we stopped in what looked like a bus garage, where a couple of guys and a nice lady gave us a coffee and towels and some very helpful directions that we could not understand, after some debate we decided to go back to Akita, dry out, and get the train to Yokote, instead of cycling another 70 miles in the rain.
We stopped in the local bicycle shop and got some bicycle bags and after an super speedy dismantling bikes we jumped into the local train to Yokote. Phew we made it!

The local train remains us to the tube.

From the train we were surrounded by montains and the rice fields and lots of water...
Dinner at Yakote was a very tasty yakisoba with an egg on top.

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